What do you recommend for long term, or ongoing prevention or re-occurrence?
Our company offers a monthly, bi-monthly, or every three month pest control maintenance programs. This helps to ensure that the pest control problem stays away! (And as always – no contract obligations to sign).

What is the first step when we have a pest problem?
The first step is calling us for an initial phone conversation. Depending on the time of year and workload, we can come to your house/business the same day. Just call us at (503) 798-7386.
If we are already involved in a large treatment, sometimes it may take a day or two to schedule your location, but we try our best to get you treatment timely and efficiently.

What is the pest control method you use?
Each pest control treatment is unique. Some treatments are a onetime treat and done – others require return visits, or preparation from both the technician and the client. The pest involved, and the severity of the infestation will determine what treatment will be most effective, and the number of treatments needed.

What pest control services do you offer, Do you treat giant spiders?
No matter what your pest problem is, we have both the knowledge and experience to take care of it! We’re experts in all of Oregon’s pest and rodent problems, including giant spiders. Just call us at (503) 798-7386.

Do you offer free pest control estimates in the Salem area?
All About Pests LLC is pleased to provide you with a free estimate for residential or commercial pest control services. Call us at (503) 798-7386.