Ants will drive you crazy. Whether they are a species that can cause real damage to property or injury to people, or whether you are just repulsed by the sight of them marching across your kitchen counter, ants in your home can be a major annoyance. Effective ant control is important to keep your property sanitary, secure, and free from swarms of these little insects.

All About Pests LLC offers property owners in the Salem, OR area dependable ant control services guaranteed to help you sleep easier at night. We use only those treatments that are guaranteed not to harm people, pets, or the larger ecology.

Species of ants for which we commonly provide ant control include the following:

  • Carpenter Ants — Carpenter ants are a major pest for home owners across the United States. They are especially obnoxious because, true to their name, they tend to live in wood, burrowing through it to create tunnels and hollow spaces and undermining the structural integrity of a house’s frame. Our technicians will help you identify and treat these pests early, before they can cause too much harm to your home.
  • Little Black Ants — Little black ants are a species of ants commonly found throughout the country. They tend to swarm in huge numbers, particularly in the summer months. This species prefers to live in wood piles and in the wood frames of buildings, making them a frequent annoyance for homeowners.
  • Odorous House Ants — Drawn to moisture, this species of ant often takes up residence near appliances or under the floors of homes. They prefer sweet food, so homeowners often find swarms of them infesting the food in their kitchens. A call to our company will help you remove these pests from your home.

If you have an ant problem, make sure you get the right ant control service. Contact All About Pests LLC today to schedule an appointment for your business or home!