If you notice signs of rats or mice on your Salem, OR property, rodent control is one of the most important steps you can take for the health and sanitation of your household. In addition to being noisy annoyances who steal food and can damage your property, rodents carry a range of diseases and parasites that can affect people when they are introduced into the home.

The technicians at All About Pests LLC provide you with rodent control strategies and options for keeping these pests out of your way.

The methods we employ include the following:

  • Trapping — Once they’ve established the extent and nature of your rodent problem, our pest control technicians set about determining the proper locations for setting traps that will reduce your population of rats or mice. Our trapping methods are humane and are always kept out of your way, presenting no danger to you, your family, or your pets.
  • Exclusion — Trapping can only do so much with a rodent infestation. Rodent exclusion is equally important to discourage rodents from making your home into their home in the first place. Staff from our company inspect your home for places that rats and mice live and the passageways through which they enter and exit. We then install barriers and other devices designed to make it impossible for rodents to gain access to your home, forcing them to relocate.

A rodent infestation is one of the biggest pest problems a property owner can face, but effective rodent control is a simple phone call away. Contact All About Pests LLC right now to learn more about how we can help keep rodents out of your home.