Exterminator Albany ORAn exterminator is someone that helps to eliminate pests in a home or other space. Finding rats, spiders, or bed bugs in your home can be a very uncomfortable feeling.

But our exterminators at All About Pests near Albany, OR take it a step further and reassure our customers that their home will be safe and pest-free soon. We also take the time to educate them on preventative maintenance that they can do to help deter future problems.

Once you’ve determined that you do, in fact, have a pest problem and you’ve called All About Pests, your work doesn’t stop there. Complete and effective pest control requires teamwork and a partnership between you and our exterminators. Depending on the type of pests that are in your space, our exterminators will most likely have a list of preparation instructions. For instance, if fumigation is needed your exterminator will go over the preparations and precautions to ensure safety and effective pest control. Before our exterminators arrive be sure to de-clutter areas that they will need access to. During the initial inspection and possibly during treatment the exterminator will likely need access to the attic and/or crawl spaces.

When our exterminators arrive at your home they will introduce themselves and discuss the plans for their inspections. An initial entry point inspection will be conducted, followed by a yard examination and a moisture check. All of these inspections and tests are extremely important in determining the cause, the origin, and any potential future problems. After inspecting the inside and outside of the home or space our exterminators will provide you will a full report on all of our findings and discuss possible treatment plans.

There are a variety of methods that exterminators can use to eliminate pests. Some methods are more effective towards a specific pest and others are generic. The reason an exterminator is necessary when you have pests is that we have access to products and equipment that are restricted to the public. There are two different types of pesticides; general use and restricted use. General use pesticides can be bought at the store, these chemicals are usually diluted and therefore less effective.

Restricted use pesticides require a license to purchase. These pesticides are full strength and highly effective but can be dangerous if they are not used properly. If the pest problem is not too bad simpler methods can be used. Such as increasing sanitation and setting physical barriers to prevent pests from entering the home. Other methods include the use of baits which are typically consumed and then either kill the pests or prevent them from reproducing. As technology improves so do the methods that exterminators use. Some technology allows exterminators to locate pests through the walls and floors, quickly and effectively inspecting an entire building.

When it comes to pest control professionals there are typically three positions; technicians, applicators, and supervisors. Technicians are generally the ones who perform the inspections, identify the issues, and establish a treatment plan. Some technicians will apply limited pesticides. Applicators perform more complicated tasks including the application of pesticides. Some even specialize in specific areas like fumigation. Supervisors or operators are licensed to apply all pesticides but typically spend more time on the business side of things. They ensure all safety regulations are being met and the proper training is carried out.

All of our exterminators receive the required in the classroom and on the job training that is set by the state of Oregon. Continuous learning and training are imposed for new technology and pest control methods. All of our exterminators are licensed in the state of Oregon to provide effective, safe, and reliable pest control services. When you’re looking for a local exterminator near you, give us a call. All About Pests near Albany, OR has the expert exterminators that will keep your home pest-free!