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Flea Control – Get rid of them!

Posted on by All About Pests, LLC

Fleas are a real menace to your health and sanity, and it’s important to catch an infestation in your home before it goes too far. The flea control provided by the team at All About Pests LLC helps rid your Salem, OR home free of these pests before they can take up permanent residence. Tiny […]

Rodent Control – Residential or Commercial

Posted on by All About Pests, LLC

If you notice signs of rats or mice on your Salem, OR property, rodent control is one of the most important steps you can take for the health and sanitation of your household. In addition to being noisy annoyances who steal food and can damage your property, rodents carry a range of diseases and parasites […]

Ant Control – Guaranteed To Help!

Posted on by All About Pests, LLC

Ants will drive you crazy. Whether they are a species that can cause real damage to property or injury to people, or whether you are just repulsed by the sight of them marching across your kitchen counter, ants in your home can be a major annoyance. Effective ant control is important to keep your property […]


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