Effective Ant Control Solutions


Want to get rid of ants in your home? While store-bought pesticides and home remedies can sometimes provide relief, the most effective method of controlling ants is to seek out a pest control expert. At All About Pests our exterminators are highly trained in effectively eliminating your pest and insect issues. Salem residents experiencing ant invasions, either in winter or summer, can rest easy with a pest control expert on their side.

Food left out, poorly sealed windows and floors, or small cracks and crannies are all factors that entice ants to invade your home. You may find trails of ants crawling in your cupboards, or marching across counter tops and floors

If you’re having problems with ants in your home, be sure to remove any and all sources of food. Then give All About Pests a call! We will thoroughly inspect:

  • Outside: Our exterminators inspect the perimeter of your home to find the source of the ant problem.
  • Inside: Sometimes ant nests can be found inside walls, in your crawlspace or underneath the floorboards.

We eliminate common sugar ants and carpenter ants know to make their way inside. We do this by finding the nest and attacking at its core.

  • Environmentally friendly pesticides and sprays
  • Comprehensive treatments inside, outside, and within crawlspaces
  • Preventative treatment measures

Take Back Ownership of Your Home By Getting Rid of an Ant Infestation Today!