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Salem Oregon Pest Control

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The pest & rodent control services that we provide are always guaranteed to provide you with the best value for your money. All About Pests handles all your pest needs quickly and at an affordable price. We offer you the service you want, when you want it, and on your terms, not ours. You can always expect prompt, friendly service, and we’ll explain everything we’re doing and our reason for doing it, so you will always understand the service you are paying for. Fully licensed and insured, you can rest easy knowing you, your family, and your property are in good hands.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control

Residential & Commercial Pest Control For Salem, Oregon

We treat a wide range of pests, including ants, carpenter ants, fleas, rats, mice, silverfish, earwigs, bees, wasps, spiders, and more. Our team also performs small animal exclusion to ensure your property is kept sanitary in a humane fashion.

Show the pests in your home or business who’s boss. Give All About Pests LLC a call and schedule an inspection and quote today!

Salem Oregon Pest Control

Family-owned and operated, All About Pests LLC is proud to provide the Salem, OR, community with highly-effective pest & rodent control services at affordable rates. Call us at: (503) 798-7386!Salem Oregon Pest Control

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All About Pests handles all your pest needs quickly and at an affordable price.

Pest & Rodent Control for Salem, Oregon And Surrounding Areas

Untitled-1Ants crawling through your pantry, mice scuttling behind the wall, fleas hiding in your carpet, waiting to pounce! When pests invade your home, you want a fast, effective response that will restore sanitation and sanity to your residence.

At All About Pests LLC, we work to deliver that response. We provide expedient, highly efficient pest & rodent control services to homes and businesses in Salem, OR, as well throughout Marion and Polk counties. You’ll love the work we do as you relax to enjoy a space free of harassment by rodents, bugs, or other unwanted life forms.

Our team of experienced technicians do everything we can to render your home, office, or other facility pest free and keep it that way. We use treatment methods that are custom-suited to your pest problem and your situation and guaranteed to be safe for humans, pets and the environment.

Cody Brooks, Oregon
I am the manager of a fairly large plant located in Brooks. We are out in a pretty rural area with fields and tall grass around us. As a result, we have a problem with mice and rats coming into the building from the fields. I contacted All About Pests. They came out and did an inspection. They pointed out several areas that I had not noticed that the rodents were getting in from. After reviewing that everything they did was in agreement with Dept. of Agriculture regulations, we agreed upon a form of treatment. At first, they were coming out weekly to check on things, but now after the major portion of the problem is resolved, they come out on a monthly maintenance and check things. So glad not to see those little things scurrying about – especially when showing a client around!

Salem Oregon Pest & Rodent ControlAlthough we have been born and raised in the Salem-Keizer area – we gladly take care of our neighbors pest control needs as well – including but not limited to – Woodburn, Silverton, Mt.Angel, Stayton, Sublimity, Dallas, Monmouth, Independence, Albany, Gervais, Brooks, Jefferson, Lyons & Mehama. (Virtually all cities in and around both Marion and Polk Counties).

Senior & Military Discount for Salem, Oregon Pest Control Services

All About Pests uses safe, child and pet friendly products. We offer a free inspection, and always give a 10% discount to Military and senior citizens. Ask us!

Ant Control – Guaranteed To Help!

Ant Control – Guaranteed To Help!

Ants will drive you crazy. Whether they are a species that can cause real damage to property or injury to people, or whether you are just repulsed by the sight of them marching across your kitchen counter, ants in your home can be a major annoyance. Effective ant... read more
Rodent Control – Residential or Commercial

Rodent Control – Residential or Commercial

If you notice signs of rats or mice on your Salem, OR property, rodent control is one of the most important steps you can take for the health and sanitation of your household. In addition to being noisy annoyances who steal food and can damage your property, rodents... read more
Flea Control – Get rid of them!

Flea Control – Get rid of them!

Fleas are a real menace to your health and sanity, and it’s important to catch an infestation in your home before it goes too far. The flea control provided by the team at All About Pests LLC helps rid your Salem, OR home free of these pests before they can take up... read more

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